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Moving sideways from cultural hegemony?

Moving sideways from cultural hegemony?

This post is part of an intricate conversation centring on the question of whether there is a unified and narrowed message presented dominantly through corporate media, and whether or not it inherently socializes subservience from top-down towards an ever highly-media saturated group of entertainment consumers. Very quickly, we find that we cannot escape from certain … Continue reading

Rev up those engines!

Engine Tones is in a constructive mode!

This blog will be starting up again with more content in and around autumn 2011! Though Engine Tones had begun as a blog aimed at writings relating to the online persistent universe (MMO), EVE Online, future content will branch off into all forms of new media, arts, current events, and lifestyle.

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New update: By the by, I'm slowly and surely adding to my personal site by moving everything to http://www.vividfoundry.com - New name, new design - with new content to be added.


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