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On Dance: Finding my balance

I’ve been bringing dance back into my life little by little, whenever I am able to fit it into my schedule, and between the bouts of stress. It just feels so necessary sometimes, as though I need an outlet for not just the music that I hear, but also an outlet for the profusion of content and multimedia that I absorb on a daily basis. In a word, it rejuvenates me. The lovely thing is that dance can be as uncomplicated and as complicated as I make it out to be.

I’ve been training at home, to whatever music my iTunes happens to randomize to: Rachmaninov, Metric, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Porcupine Tree, top 40 mash-ups. The movements are some kind of a hybrid from what I can remember from my one-year stint in beginner’s adult ballet, and what I imagine ‘street jazz’ would look like. Lots of pointed toes and balancing on demi-pointe, and trying to keep my legs as poised for arabesques and splits as near as possible. For the latter, I’m getting there, I’m seeing improvements.

The one thing I haven’t been seeing improvements in yet are my pirouettes. But, this is a problematic statement, because I’ve been training absolutely barefoot on wooden floors. They’re not laminate, either. What this gives me are blisters the size and thickness of pennies on the soles of my feet after a few days of exercise. They do hurt, but less from preventing me from dancing, but more from focusing well, particularly on improving said pirouettes. I wonder, should I tape up my feet like darling Beals in Flashdance (video here)? Wouldn’t the tape actually start to roll back and make my feet all tacky to the floor? Or should I just stop being such a cheapskate and purchase a pair of Dancepaws? The website says that it lets me keep my barefeet look and feel, but I wonder if there’s a steep ‘learning curve’ to using them. In a way, although I instinctively avoid hurting my feet past a certain threshold, I really love the feel of the surface that I’m dancing of by direct contact. If only it won’t blister and chew holes into my skin simultaneously.

Has anyone used either of those two solutions, or would recommend other ones for the barefoot feel? I’m most curious!


About Darklights

I identify as an illustrator, game designer, writer, and 3D artist by trade. I'm driven by a symbiosis of passion for dance, new media, philosophy of aesthetics, cinema, creative writing and visual arts. My username? A shout-out to the tides of history that invented the camera obscura.


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