You know how you can sometimes be in a riveting conversation where one tangent leads to another, to the point where you have no idea how you got onto that topic in the first place? That, nonetheless, you’re having a great time and you know that you were adroitly invested in all of these passing topics, punctuated with dramatic hand gestures and ridiculously-timed assertions? That’s kind of how my brain works. It’s hard to get my writing out of a Virginia Woolf-esque stream-of-consciousness sometimes to create something more palatable. I am drawn by the whorls of change captured in a single photograph as I am in the deconstruction of a sentence.

But, I know. You’re on this page because you want to put a face to a name or the dimensions to a space. I suppose you can say that I’m associated with the following roles: daughter, artist, writer, student, volunteer, technological tinkerer, girl gamer, amongst others. My subjective experiences and personality would offer you more elucidation than mere labels, anyhow. The rest of the details I’m keeping to myself, in case I become a superspy extraordinare.

Guess we`re returning to this mode after all: Stream-of-consciousness in bullet form? You don’t say.

  • I enjoy a beautiful satire.
  • Pop media shocks have long lost its appeal. I suspect it’s true for anyone with a structured value system. Please catch up, world.
  • There is never enough of the right kind of nurture given to raise our world’s children. There’s always a need for teachers and actually good support and training programs for them, but so many bureaucrats are overlooking this value-added institution. Children need someone to look up to in society. I never had that, and I’m seeing now that so little’s changed.
  • I’ve loved writing even when I was a wee little thing, and I was in ESL (English as a Second Language). I also drew ponies and wrote kiddie adventure-thrillers. Good to see that nothing’s changed.
  • I’ve used Photoshop since its 3rd version, without nary a break. I was in grade 2 when first initiated.
  • I used to be really intimidated by the film medium, because its time-based elements diverge strongly from my principally photographic imaginary. Now, I desire to learn more about film production, from standing behind cameras to being at the helm of Maya and 3D Max. I can’t wait until I have more time to find my way through these fantastic toolboxes.
  • I was never very good at producing music. And don’t think my parents didn’t try to sign me up for all sorts of musical endeavours. It wasn’t until in my late teens that I knew I love reacting to music in the form of dance. Break(dancing) has been very hard on my body, so lately I’ve been practising hip hop and street jazz.
  • I started to study political science four years ago because it started unveiling all the difficult questions that I had: About global uncertainties, about the pains of relative inequality on human and civil rights, and on what freedom of association means. Four years later, I am even more burdened by questions, but at least they start sounding like potential theses.
  • I never want to stop learning. About everything. About life.

If I’ve been too verbose and obscure, sometimes my only defense is: Please read me proactively, rather than distractedly. Other times, I hold no excuses: My fingers and capacity for language really need to catch up to my brain!

– Tanya Kan


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