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A grab-bag of Madonna, Mirror’s Edge, and Death Note (no kidding)

I can’t help but see Madonna’s music video for Jump coinciding with Mirror’s Edge. Though the photography and “cinematography” is very different, especially since Madonna’s video has a centric focus on the superstar herself, while Mirror’s Edge has Faith, the protagonist, organizing the POV shots. However, the play on the theme of urban parkour and the lyrics “don’t look back now baby” is very suitable towards an adventure-puzzle genre. Madonna’s dance improvises on a parallel style of movement seen in Faith’s reliance on her hand-to-hand combat and evasion techniques.

And, I also found the very amusing connection between the Jump MV and the manga/anime Death Note’s Mello character in multiple youtube comments. The whole idea that existent superstars are cosplaying is definitely an appealing topic that I hope to revisit one day. Death Note is one of the few mangas that I would describe as an “intensely deliberate and involving narrative that probes at questions of moral conscience through modern and popular appeals”. The story is very urban, space- as well as time- driven. Concerns about independence, coming-of-age (and of power) and the need for heroes who can pull criminal in through feats of passion are all central to Death Note – and certainly Jump’s visual and lyrical aspects fit this theme.


Baking during the downtime

Sometimes, my body in the capsule needs some motivational foodies to make the ISK runs worthwhile. I haven’t really done anything in my frigate in the last two weeks other than park down to a station, answer the call of some agent, and waste some ammo in deadspace. Extended downtime today really only interrupted my observation of my skills training window’s gradual progression. So, today, I’ve found myself staring into the depths of a very different set of chemical reactions and engineering: the oven.

I made some Soft Chewy Oatmeal Cookies, which were gifted with being very healthy and at 0.55g of fat per cookie, but were unfortunately very addictive. This was essentially the first time that I’ve ever used 1/2 cup of multigrain flour and 1/2 cup of cake flour in a bid for a more healthy replacement of the all-purpose flour. As far as I’m aware, it tastes like it’s supposed to, and smells wonderful. It’s also low in sugars as far as pastries go (sweetened with apple sauce, honey, and brown sugar!), so my grandmother can feel welcome to try them. I also made some chocolate chip scones last week. They’ve all been devoured by now! Considering the response, I’m making that one again (with new mods such as the multigrain-cake flour mixture).

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