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First glimpse of Global Agenda: F2P sci-fi action MMO

A level 50 veteran next to my avatar, first entering Dome City at a fledging level 5. There's lots of gradually earned customization in this game that isn't apparent from the character customization screen before entering the game.

I am just about 8 hours into Global Agenda and I find it to be a surprisingly good F2P MMO. I’m enjoying pretty much every minute of it, and would consider it one of the best MMOs that I’ve played in the last two months.* I just picked it up from Steam under the Free to Play section, having known of the game as a title even back in its Pay-to-Play days. The controls and gameplay mechanics are highly responsive, enabling me to move and weave towards my enemies however I chose. The control makes me feel like a superhero in a way that City of Heroes fail to do so, because there is a mixture of skill and specialization involved. You can fly around in jet packs and there is a reticule for actually aiming to shoot down enemies.

I’m playing here as the Robotics class, which gives me a cool extra arm to set up personal turrets, forcefields, medical stations, and drones. It’s a pretty sweet mixture of defensive and offensive strategizing using fast-paced, real-time action.

From what I can see through teaming up with others in the game world, the classes are well-balanced and can support each other wonderfully. However, the game supports both solo play style as well as grouping, even at the early levels. The community is fairly quiet, though not sparse in numbers. When asking to partake in a group, players have always demonstrated themselves to be friendly and helpful, even putting up with silly newbie confusions and bad strategizing of personal turrets. There’s also VoIP support and what appears to be thriving co-operative missions and massive regional PvP battles, none of which I have yet to try out.

One of the first areas outside of the starting city hub that you will find yourself in is Junk Town and the stretch of outposts, ruins, robot-owned bases, all reminiscent of those National Geographic images of the Arizona desert. The red desolation is beautiful to gawk at, and tease at me to the reasonable expectation that a story will reveal itself as to why there is such debris and the lack of flora and fauna on this futuristic Earth. Indeed, I am actually not told as to what continent I am on. And yes, I have read all of the quest dialogue windows! To add to the immersion, I can’t remember when I’ve ever hit a loading screen, which is fantastic for wandering through the vast stretches of the desert. If there could be slight variation of weather dynamics, that would be even better.

GLOBAL AGENDA: The HUD is simple, with a clear reticule and quick keys for each specific slot. The UI is less modifiable than MMOs like Eve Online and Warhammer Online, but serviceable. There's a high level of variability for graphics settings, including bloom, textures, and rendering engine (Direct X 9 or Direct X 11). I was playing with almost no lag with everything set on high.

Find me as the moniker “Avepekra” aboard Global Agenda!
I’m sure that I’ll be playing in the game for some time to come.

* MMOs played for the first time in the last 2 months are described in this post.


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